A summer’s end cold

It’s the last day of August, 2015. It took me quite a while to set up my blog site, to write my bio and first entry. The second entry actually came quickly. I was on a roll. Then … though I thought I was armored up, I got hit over the head with DOUBT and let the whole thing drop. It was easy enough: the glorious summertime arrived, with stupendous weather and the corn and tomatoes and summer veggies I had been waiting for all year, not to mention loads of family and friends visiting. It was a great distraction. But what happened to wanting to make a difference? To being bold and speaking out against abuse? It was easier to let it drop and go to the beach.

But an adorable five year old nephew was here a couple weeks ago with his family. I just had to hold and kiss him, even while he coughed into his sleeve. He had some little cold but I was buff and strong and fueled with the powerful vitamins and nutrients of the local bounty. It wouldn’t get to me. Ha. The germs eventually found me. And so here I sit, nursing a sore throat with mint tea and lemon, determined more than ever to get back to good health and help others do the same.

The writing lapse time forced me to realize that everything we do is as much psychological as anything else. The kids going off to school for the first time – or tenth or seventieth – have to be strong and get past their home comfort zones. I will tell you right here and now that I am a Hillary supporter and we all are watching the attacks she is facing. Yet she goes on. I could add a hundred other examples. You supply your own. The bottom line is this is who I am and I have this one, short life to live. Anyone who doesn’t like reading my blog, doesn’t have to read it. That’s the beauty of a blog. Writers share their passion, their knowledge, their experience and opinions with those who subscribe to the same interests and who hope to gain some new insight, fact or validation. I get it now. That’s all it is. I am not THE answer (nor is this THE question), I am just me.

And so I will pass on twice a month, the things I want to share. I hope it enriches your world. I know each day what I learn changes mine. As always, I welcome your comments.