I’m feeling especially grateful these days. Grateful that I am safe at home and did not have to endure the recent brutality and murder of friends, family or country members by ISIS (aka Daesh). I grieve for those people still in mourning.

I am reminded how lucky I am to have been born into a middle-class, loving family. To have had a yard to play in, even a stream to sit by as my ten, twelve and fourteen year old selves tried to figure out where I fit in. I never had to deal with the ravages of poverty or be taught how to kill. My teenage angst was cured by time, love and ok, a little therapy.

I am especially grateful to my wife, my family and my wonderful friends. These people are the true treasures of my life. Over the years we have learned to be patient (some occasions being harder than others), but always, always we love and support one another. I love you all.

I am grateful every single day to be healthy and have access to fresh food and clean water. I do not take even my teeth, hair, skin or limbs for granted. I need only walk a few blocks to Boylston St. (a main thoroughfare in Boston) to find someone homeless, in a wheelchair or missing teeth.

I love my country – with all its problems and challenges. We can vote, we have laws, we can make a difference. Ours is not a perfect union. None exist. I recognize there are racists, bigots, corporate thieves (and the list goes on) among us. But I also believe there are more people who are tolerant and fair, who truly believe in justice and opportunity for all. I choose to look at the upside.

I am even grateful for my advancing age. Oh, yes, there are days when I look at the gray overtaking my wavy, brown locks and cringe because I know it means I have less time but … as I say at each birthday celebration: look at what I’ve seen and done! Because I work part-time, I see a lot of young people coming to work after being all day at a first job. I smile at their taut skin but I’ll take my wrinkles and be grateful for the extra time I have to pursue my passion for writing (a novel) and all things vegan (compassion for animals, commitment to the environment, plant-based diet).

I think the key is to look at what you have instead of what you don’t.

This Thanksgiving, I want to thank YOU for reading my blog and giving me the continued opportunity to grow.

May your gratitude list, too, be long and sustainable.


  1. Well, as one of the aforementioned family – sibling to be exact- Jackie expresses all of our finest and fondest character. Jackie has always flown the flag of happiness and optimism. As our years have flown, she continues to exhibit our family’s (personal and married) best qualities. For this and so much more, I send love and admiration.



  2. We have a wonderful circle of friends and family and I am so glad our paths crossed in paradise. I agree that the glass is always half full and I’m happy to share mine with you any time! Cheers and have a great day tomorrow. I am thankful for you! Xo


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