Road trip!

Did you ever go out to dinner expecting it to be good and then get blown away by a fabulous meal?

That happened to us at Pizza Barbone. I was in the mood for pizza, good vegan pizza, but living out here in rural Cape Cod in the middle of winter … well, it’s hard to find. That’s when I remembered Pizza Barbone. They have a food truck that comes to your house or business for special occasions. A food truck with an attached pizza oven. We had them come to celebrate Valerie’s retirement. We had a fabulous time and the pizzas, salads, and dessert cannolis were excellent, so I couldn’t help but wonder what the brick-and-mortar restaurant would be like.

So off we went one chilly evening: road trip!

It’s easy to travel on the Cape during the winter. We quickly arrived in Hyannis and found a parking spot right on Main Street, practically in front of the restaurant. It was when we entered that we got our first surprise. I had read on their website that they had closed to renovate. We’d been to the original restaurant years before and sat in a booth, savoring a pizza and a glass of wine. I certainly didn’t expect this wide open modern space, with a bar facing a beautiful wood-fed pizza oven and a whole separate room that they could be closed off for private parties.

But it was the food that sold us. I expected several pizza choices, but not a range of appetizers, salads and desserts as well. I had the roasted cauliflower, with golden raisins, pickled red onion, breadcrumbs and ricotta salata. Remember I am vegan, so anytime I can have anything “ricotta,” I go for it. My wife had the hearts of romaine salad with a creamy caesar dressing (yes, vegan) and crunchy garlic croutons.

We both ordered the Forest Mushroom Pizza with garlic cream, rosemary smoke mozzarella and truffle oil. Valerie’s wine was the better choice to go with the pizza. She had the Rutherford Ranch chardonnay. Silly me, I asked for the malbec, but red with mushroom and cream? Not the best choice.

I could have called it a night and gone home happy right then, but when we asked about their vegan desserts … they said we had to try the Affogato. And they were right!  My oh my, hazel gelato with expresso poured on top. YUM!!!  I’d never had that before and was delighted. Such a simple idea but a perfect ending to our meal.

If you’re ever near Hyannis, stop by. 390 Main Street.  If you give me a head’s up, I’ll join you!