The Making of Harvest Dreams

Hey, readers! You’ll find here snippets, teasers, photos, images, facts – and maybe even some figures – of all that inspired me to write my novel AND what I learned in the process. We begin, of course, with the grapes.

Here’s what we all recognize: the succulent grapes at harvest, ready to be picked:


But here’s what the vines look like, after the winter is over, and they’ve been pruned. Look very carefully and you’ll see the tiny buds waiting for more sun and water. This is the first stage of growth!



Next the vines flower! This is happening right now (at Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod, on the Cape), this last week in May, 2022.




Stay tuned: the tiny, baby grapes will show up next!


And they’re here! These are from JUNE 5th, just a week later. See if you can find the tiny grapes in the full photo before seeing them up close.


While waiting for next week, I can’t wait to show you one of the first decisions a novelist has to make, prior to publication: the cover! I love mine. More to come about the book later.


June 13th. Lots of rain, followed by sunshine. Grapes love the sun and do not like to get their feet, uh, roots wet. So, a sandy soil is great. They will dig deep to get down to the water in the soil. All that “digging” makes them stronger.