About My Blog

jackie_dark_bgHere’s my story: I’m coming out… again. This time as a vegan. An older, wiser and much better informed woman who has figured out that eating whole-food, plant-based meals is the best thing I can do for my health AND the environment. Here’s why I am making the change: having learned about factory farming, I can no longer play any part in an industry that is so horrifically cruel to animals and surprisingly, a leading cause of global warming – yes, global warming! I hope you won’t either. Together we can change the politics of big businesses whose sole goal is to make money at the expense of our health and our planet. Please know that while this all sounds serious – and it is – it’s also going to be a fun journey. I will share recipes, tips, studies – anything and everything that will increase your awareness of the implications of your food choices and tease you into enjoying more plant-based meals. Come along for the ride!